Town of Oyster Bay Civil Service
Employees Association

Over 1,100 Town Employees
President: Jarvis T Brown
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150 Miller Place
Syosset NY 11791





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Work Rules & Rules of Conduct Page



Click on the Links Below to See the Work Rules &
Rules of Conduct for that Department


  1. Department of General Services "Work Rules" & "Rules of Conduct"

  2. Department of Parks "Work Rules" & "Rules of Conduct"

  3. Department of Environmental Resources "Work Rules"

  4. Department of Public Works "Work Rules" & "Rules of Conduct"

  5. Department of Highway "Work Rules" & "Rules of Conduct"

  6. Department of Inter-Governmental Affairs "Work Rules" & "Rules of Conduct"

  7. Department of Public Saftey "Work Rules & "Rules of Conduct"

  8. Department of Sanitation & Recycling "Work Rules"

  9. Department of Town Clerk "Work Rules"

  10. Receiver of Taxes "Work Rules"

  11. Comptroller's Office "Work Rules" and "Rules of Conduct"

  12. Human Resources "Work Rules" and "Rules of Conduct"

  13. Department of Planning and Development "Work Rules " and "Rules of Conduct"







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